case study.

SAS Comfort Shoes

Transforming a brick-and-mortar shoe store  into a Canada-wide online shoe destination.


The making of a Canada-wide Shoe Destination

SAS Shoes is highly regarded across North America for their exceptional comfort and premium quality. When it comes to designing and creating a website for such a well respected brand, no shortcuts can be taken. For this reason, we took a strategic, meticulous, and precise approach in preparing the e-Commerce shop for the independently owned and operated store. The best way to sell carefully handcrafted shoes is through a carefully handcrafted website.


Our hard work and dedication resulted in a high volume of sales, with an abundance of SAS footwear nation-wide.

Total Number of Product Skus


Avg time shoppers on the site


Increase in website Traffic (3 months)


The FD team helped me reach new heights that I could have never imagined.

Larry F.

project goals.

SAS Comfort Shoes has two local shops based in Calgary and in Edmonton. Determined to get their products to online markets, we faced a unique challenge. Their inventory and sales were recorded the old fashioned way - pen and paper. In order to SAS Shoes (Alberta) online, we had to break the project down into multiple steps.



As soon as we began work on SAS Footwear, the solutions became clear: SAS Footwear must be onboarded with a streamlined POS system to efficiently handle all sales and inventory - while leaving with them a fully featured, secure, WordPress based platform in which shoes could be sold.

We began with comprehensive research into the SAS Footwear brand, their audience and their needs. It was quickly discovered SAS Footwear’s audience had a few key requirements - a modern yet straight forward navigation system, slightly enlarged text, and a completely stress free checkout process were all required. Quickly showing the right shoe to the right person was also key - as SAS Footwear’s audience have a variety of needs and size requirements.

  • Researching & coordinating a complete e-commerce strategy
  • Transitioning into a new POS system
  • Preparing inventory & product data for 20,000+ skus
  • Complete E-Commerce website design & development

Starting with some New Tech

  • Research & Strategy
  • POS & Inventory Management
  • Custom Gift Cards

pos onboarding.

New technology needed to be implemented for us to take our next step of building a website. Previously, inventory and sales were kept the old-fashioned way - pen and paper. We researched and onboarded a new POS and Inventory management system. The new technology we introduced provided the ability to sync inventory and sales between two retail locations and through  a website.


And Then the Website

  • Fully Custom E-Commerce Website
  • Syncing Inventory and Sales Data with the POS System
  • Driving Traffic and Conversions on the New Website

user-experience design.

The design. The groundwork. The works

SAS Footwear required several considerations at once - the site must be attractive, clean, modern and easy to navigate, yet it also must be accessible for its primary audience types - all while providing a clean, frustration-free sales funnel. 

Through extensive research and discovery, the perfect user-experienced was mapped out. Wireframes helped to visualize content sections, as well as user flow. This is a critical piece of any web based project - SAS Footwear included.  



e-commerce website launch.

Bringing SAS Shoes to the Masses


The new online shop features hundreds of women's and men's shoe styles, with over 20,000 different sku's and several unique style variations. 


The sleek design and the clean user-experience make for an enjoyable shopping experience.  The average user spends over 4 minutes browsing with hundreds of product choices.

Image Image

A Final Touch

  • Marketing Campaign
  • A Customized Mobile App
  • SEO Campaign

email marketing.


Our email marketing campaign targeted thousands of loyal  subscribers. The result was an industry beating 58.1% open rate and 24% CTR (clickthrough rate). With powerful marketing tools integrated with the website, SAS continues to expand their reach nationwide.

mobile app.

fulfilling orders got so much easier

As a final touch, we let thousands of loyal customers know about the release of the brand new online store. With powerful marketing tools integrated with the website, SAS reaches their target market and continues to expand their reach nationwide.



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Increased sales, an entire new POS system, and so much more

SAS Footwear saw almost immediate returns. The website was launched just as their store closures began in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, ensuring online sales could still be made.

Increased sales from thousands of monthly visits.

New POS with 20,000+ product skus, synced with the website

Online orders made simple, managed by 1 store-owner.