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Tae Kwon-Do

The tools to simplify a process, and the design to build a brand.

"They Quickly identified my painpoints, and knew exactly what I needed."

Evolution Taekwon-Do celebrates a complete overhaul to their brand. Their new look depicts the heroic leadership qualities, inspiring work ethic, and youthful representation at the studio.  Along with our design services, a new website was launched to enroll new registrants and make the students proud!


project goals.

Evolution Taekwon-Do is a local studio that operates out of a community center in Calgary. They faced challenges with member onboarding because of an outdated registration system and a clear disconnect between the instructors and community center staff. What was needed was a creative process for students to enroll in classes, communicate with the instructor, and check on class updates.


Evolution Taekwon-Do needed a simple digital service for instructors to easily engage with their students, for class registration,  and for students to purchase protective gear and uniforms. We accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and set out to exceed expectations.  

  • Branding & design updates
  • A simplified registration process
  • Website creation - with e-Commerce & a members portal


Developing an Identity

Creating a full set of branding materials was an essential step to lay the groundwork for building and launching Evolution Taekwon-Do's digital presence. Aside from the logo, the full identity of the brand had to be created from the ground up; With a look and feel that captures both a modern aesthetic and the heroic archetype championed within the Evolution TKD brand.  Through a series of interviews and creative briefings, Evolution Taekwon-Do came to life with a new look and a new voice - to bring forth their motivational, traditional, and leadership qualities.

brand identity guide

A Brand Identity Guide was designed to capture the look, feel, messaging, and the voice the the Evolution TKD brand.


Registration cards provided to the front desk staff for new registrants, ensuring new members connect with their instructor.


A new logo designed by Alex Rapkowski in collaboration with our team.


Colour palette portrays Evo TKD's hero archetype and youthful energy.




Web Design. UX Design. Print Design

Evolution Taekwon-Do needed a complete online platform: everything from a logo set, brand guide, and more. Upon beginning the project, Fuse Digital quickly established the needs of the audience sets that would be using Evolution Taekwon-Do’s platform: the project must reflect appealing visuals for prospective students, must effectively inform students and parents, and must serve as a platform in which needed equipment could be easily purchased.

The end result required would need to encompass all above branding elements, mixed into a friendly, clean, professional, yet exciting site - all while ensuring users can find exactly what they're looking for, and quickly. 

Image Image

Seeing through a Better Lens

To ensure top quality, Fuse Digital worked with Jen Freedman, a well-known professional in Calgary, who brought the vision of Evolution Taekwon-Do to life. Striking visuals set the perfect tone  - showcasing the students enjoying their lessons, and everything else in between.


web development and CRM.

A platform for members & instructors to interact

Easy registration, equipment purchases, and online engagement with the instructors were just a few of the many new capabilities provided to Evolution Taekwon-Do as a result of the website. A mobile-friendly website was designed, prototyped, tested, and launched in sequence. Each of the creative elements involved in branding, design, and photography came together to form the brand new Evolution Taekwon-Do website.

In addition to the new website, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform was fully integrated with the website. With the addition of a seemlessly integrated CRM and the necessary training to administrate it, new members could easily onboard themselves and register for classes!


Easy registration, equipment purchases, and online engagement with the instructors were just a few of the many new capabilities provided to Evolution Taekwon-Do as a result of the website.

We have brought in plenty of new students. The quick communication streams have made things much easier for both our customers and our business... Onboarding is so much simpler and my life is easier.

Joel Z.


A Streamlined Process

Upon project completion, the results were immediately clear. Evolution Taekwon-Do was left with a complete branding system fully encompassing every element, and completely embracing the feel of Evolution Taekwon-Do. Users could now register as new students, purchase equipment, or learn more about each class, all wrapped in a stunning and exciting look and feel. 

Simple Tools for Powerful Onboarding.

Engagement from all New members & recurring students.

professional & efficient Communication Methods.

A Headache-Free Registration Process.

With a practical approach and a complete strategy, Fuse Digital ensured Evolution Taekwon-Do ended the project with exactly the website they had envisioned. By listening to their needs, researching their audiences and how to best connect them, the instructors and owners of Evolution Taekwon-Do couldn't have been more thrilled with the outcome. 

If you'd like to see the completed website, it can be found at